Why I decided to study Software Engineering

In 2014, my brother and a few of friends all wanted to build their own computers for gaming. That’s when I wanted to build one also. Sparked an interest in computers. So, I got a job at UPS to start saving for parts that I’ve researched the mid-range build. After building the computer, I wanted to something that was related to building, troubleshooting, and so forth. It took me while before deciding to go to college or go to some other type of program. In the meantime, I just did research on which one to go too. Fast forward to fall of 2018.

In fall of 2018, I was going for Computer Networking Systems A.A.S in a 14 months program. About six months in, I just lost interest in completing this program, even though I just needed eight more months. So, I just focused on my then current job at Office Depot.

Somewhere in the ending of 2019, beginning of 2020. My good friend, Julio, at the time was going for a Computer Science degree. Once in while he’ll talk about his classes and one thing caught my attention on one of his classes. That thing was him talking about how programming works. If you input this and that and hopefully it'll pass. Otherwise, you'll have to go back into the code and troubleshoot from there. The rest of 2020 because of Covid, I was isolating and I still am and that limited a lot of stuff.

So in December 2020, I started researching which is the best way to get into coding online only. Then, I came across Flatiron School through a sponsored Instagram ad. The ad is eye-catching and informative. Well, I didn't want to be working retail forever or some other low-paying job. I decided to go through and want to finish the program. Also, it'll be my first professional job after I complete this program.